May 28, 2011

MMFA Fact Check Has Come To An End

I'll get straight to the point: I will no longer be monitoring and fact-checking Media Matters For America. This is because a fine gentleman by the name of Bryan contacted me publicly this past week, and as you can see for yourself, he sent me a link to a Mediaite article which reveals what to me is an astounding truth: Media Matters does not have even a fraction of the influence I gave them credit for when I first launched MMFA Fact Check. Check it out:

First he points out that "What began in 2004 as a ten-person shop with a $3 million annual budget now has around 90 employees and plans to spend $15 million this year." That is striking and demonstrates the enormous fundraising operation that they have created. But that is not translating into readers. With that budget and staff, they should be about the size of a site like Politico, but the numbers tell a far different story. According to web traffic evaluator, Quantcast, Politico averages 5.6 million monthly unique visitors, Media Matters a mere 646,200. Even if you give Media Matters the benefit of the doubt and double that number, they are still doing a fraction of the traffic of sites its size (at 1.3 million, it would still be far smaller than little Mediaite, with ten times the staff). That’s something that clearly should have been pointed out in the story.

So there you have it. I've been fact-checking a supposed bastion of progressivism/liberalism that has alot of bark but very little bite. Concurrently, I've now got bigger fish to fry.

See, I recently applied to be an Examiner for, and luckily for me, I was accepted. However, in order to grow my following as an Examiner (or even just to write, edit, and publish articles), I must shift all the time and effort I have devoted to MMFA Fact Check and focus on my new path as an Examiner.

If you were a follower of MMFA Fact Check, I encourage you to engage with me as I continue to write lively political articles. As of the publishing of this (final) post, I've only written and published one article, but I plan on writing at least three articles per week from here on out. None of my articles will be more than 400 words, and they will (should?) be much more professional looking than what I've presented here on MMFA Fact Check. So if I've bored you to death with my epically long posts, and if my shoddy (but functional) writing style turns you off, rest assured that neither of these things will be the case as an Examiner.

Of course, the 277 previous posts that I've published will still be here for your viewing (and mine), but no new content will be published. I officially made this decision last Wednesday, May 25th, and naturally, I waited three days to make it public. I've also become a tweety bird, for whatever that's worth.

That is all.

Adieu and Good By!

-Dan Poole